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FREE English language-teaching digital and printable materials, songs and lesson plans based around a fun 12-episode podcast series!


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Rags to Riches can work as an ideal course book supplement, or a complete English language course in itself, guiding the learner from CEFR levels A1 to B1.

What does RAGS TO RICHES offer?

Here are TEN RICHES for the 21st-century teacher!

Is RAGS TO RICHES suitable for online classes?

The answer is 'YES!'

Rags to Riches is ideal for both face-to-face and online classes with small or large groups. 

What do teachers and trainers say about RAGS TO RICHES?

"This book is a trove of riches for the teacher!"


"Rags to Riches is a great set of materials to complement any course book or to use as a course in its own right."