Is Rags to Riches suitable for online teaching?

So how can RAGS TO RICHES help you with your online classes?

The reality of the global COVID-19 pandemic is that many teachers all over the world are experiencing growing uncertainty as to whether their classes in the near future will take place in the classroom or remotely via the computer screen. During the various lockdowns, video-conferencing platforms such as Zoom, Skype or Google Classroom have provided solutions for teachers forced to adapt their teaching to the online context.

The blended format of Rags to Riches means that its contents can be used equally effectively in both a face-to-face and an online context.

All of the podcasts and songs can be streamed directly from the episode page and played through most video conferencing platforms.


Worksheets can be screenshared or sent to students, who can print them out or follow them on their screens. Some resources, such as card games, are unsuitable for online teaching but the beauty of Rags to Riches is that every episode contains seven different categories of activities! Simply choose the activities which best fit your context.

Most lessons have digital support materials in the form of PowerPoint presentations which have been designed to enable teachers to teach directly from the screen without needing to print the lesson plans. The screen-sharing option found in all video-conferencing platforms allows you to share each PowerPoint slide quickly and easily with your students.

As most teachers who are familiar with online teaching will no doubt agree, varying the focus and dynamic of the online class is more essential than ever, given the comparatively limited interaction possibilities. Breakout rooms are ideal for carrying out pair and group-work activities in order to maximize communication opportunities. Communication is the cornerstone of the DJ English pedagogical approach and the various pair and group-work activities found in every episode are ideal for breakout-room discussions.

If you are unfamiliar with video conferencing, there are many helpful tutorials on the Internet to guide you through the functionality and the tools on offer, and to provide you with many ideas for pedagogical application. We particularly recommend Russell Stannard’s Teacher Training Videos.

This PDF contains ideas and tips for how to adapt activities taking into account the restrictions resulting from the pandemic: