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What can  RAGS TO RICHES offer you?

• a FUN, MOTIVATING RESOURCE to engage your students!

• graded audios and communication activities to improve LISTENING and FLUENCY SKILLS

AUTHENTIC FUNCTIONAL LANGUAGE presented in a natural way

• ways of considerably SAVING PREPARATION TIME



Rags to Riches is an engaging supplementary resource providing extra language practice while developing and integrating the four skills.

What does RAGS TO RICHES offer?

As well as the great serial story, colourful characters your students will come to love, high-quality recordings, a complete set of materials (syllabus, worksheets, lesson plans, PowerPoints, language glossaries, podcast scripts, song lyrics)… ​

... here are TEN RICHES for the 21st-century teacher!

Is RAGS TO RICHES just about music?

Not at all! Functional language practice is brought to your students through the topics built into the podcast episodes, such as emotions and personal relationships, technology and social media, music, cinema, celebrity culture, travel, and social projects.

Is RAGS TO RICHES suitable for online classes?

The answer is 'YES!'

Rags to Riches is ideal for both face-to-face and online classes with small or large groups. Read how it may help your classes in these difficult COVID-19 pandemic times. 

What do teachers and trainers say about RAGS TO RICHES?

"This book is a trove of riches for the teacher!"


"Rags to Riches is a great set of materials to complement any course book or to use as a course in its own right."