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S2 E06: Will You Love Me? -        Activity description

Each episode offers a choice of seven categories of activities, all downloadable for free. These include:

  • Worksheets (in many cases multi-level)

  • Lesson plans

  • PowerPoint presentations


The intro and the outro are the opening and closing sequences of a song, piece of music or video. Each episode of Rags to Riches has an intro and an outro. The intro introduces a key element of the episode, inviting students to use their predictive skills. The outro highlights the main grammar and vocabulary areas contained within the episode. 


For Episode 6 the Intro and outro worksheet contains 6 different activities. There are two different versions. One of the 'outro' activities is slightly different in each. The numbers indicate the different level of challenge. There is also a lesson plan and an accompanying PowerPoint presentation.


'On song': performing at peak efficiency or ability (Collins Dictionary)

In the On song section, pupils work directly with the lyrics of the Rags to Riches song for the episode.


There is also a lesson plan and an accompanying PowerPoint presentation.


A loudspeaker is a piece of equipment, for example part of a radio or hi-fi system, through which sound comes out. (Collins Dictionary) 

The Loud speakers section is about speaking

For Episode 6 students do a communicative activity requiring them to choose a random path to reveal their future! There is an extra resource and a lesson plan.


In a recording studio, individual ‘tracks’ (recordings of an instrument or voice) are combined to create the final blend (or ‘mix’) of sounds that become the finished song. In the same way, language learners mix different skills together for every kind of interaction. This section is designed to help them work on various skills simultaneously.

For Episode 6, students write a haiku. There is an accompanying lesson plan.


'Script doctor' (n): one who revises or alters a script to improve it. (Collins Dictionary).

The Script doctors section aims to familiarise learners with everyday language in the context of the episode script, encouraging them to interact directly with the script.

For Episode 6, the focus is on idiomatic language, both from this episode and the whole of Season 2. There is also a resource, a lesson plan and an accompanying PowerPoint presentation.


The Over to you section invites students to explore their own opinions of a given topic.

For Episode 6, students make predictions about the characters in the series using phrasal verbs. There is also a lesson plan.

Boyz II Men and Mariah Carey U2 and Green Day, Pearl Jam and Neil Young… collaborations have given us so much of the great music we love today. So this section in Season 2 is dedicated to collaborative learning. Students work collaboratively to complete a project-based task. For this to work, each student needs to be employed at all times, and to have a designated role. This will help to increase accountability and ownership.

For Episode 6, students read and discuss some predictions about technology made in the past which have come true, then they make their own future predictions. There is also a lesson plan and an accompanying PowerPoint presentation.