What does Rags to Riches offer?

Here are TEN RICHES for the 21st-century teacher!

  • CHOICE. Every episode is accompanied by seven categories of worksheets! These range from simple grammar and vocabulary exercises to communication activities, games, debates, projects and even song and script writing workshops. Whatever your students’ preferred learning styles, and your teaching style, you will find something for you in every episode. 


  • FLEXIBILITY. Printable worksheets are provided for students, but should you prefer the paper-free digital environment, there is an alternative PowerPoint format for most activities.                                                     

  • DETAILED LESSON PLANS for every activity, covering both paper and digital alternatives.                                                                                                         

  • LOW PREPARATION CLASSES. The content, worksheets, lesson plans, resource materials and PowerPoint presentations to support your teaching are all ready-made for you.


  • ENGAGING TOPICS. As well as activities related to the episode narrative and song, the worksheets embrace a variety of engaging topics such as emotions and personal relationships, technology and social media, music, cinema, celebrity culture and TV talent shows, the European Union, social projects and political forums.


  • FUNCTIONAL AND IDIOMATIC LANGUAGE. Activities identifying and practising the functional and ‘cool’ idiomatic language from each episode. There is also a LANGUAGE GLOSSARY for every episode.


  • DIVERSITY. Activities have been designed to cater for a variety of learning styles and ability levels. In many cases different alternatives are provided for the same activity. When two levels are offered, Level 1 offers extra support to lower-level learners. When three levels are offered, Level 3 offers a higher level of challenge to higher-level learners.  


  • SKILLS PRACTICE. The activities in each episode cover a wide range of linguistic and life skills.


  • COMMUNICATION. Activities are designed to offer opportunities for pair and group work.

  • COLLABORATION. In Season 2 there is an entire section dedicated to collaborative learning activities. These include an optional flipped classroom element in order to maximise communication during class time.